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Classes are limited to 14 students and cost $65-$85 per class depending on the menu.

Menu 1—MAD MEN

With or without cigarettes

Price: $75.00


Price: $85.00

Menu 3—GLEE

Price: $75.00

Menu 4—Slumdog Salutations

Non-slumming with recipes from Slumdog Millionaire. Prepare the foods of India that are colorful, healthy and exotically beautiful. Present them like a PRO.

Price: $75.00

Menu 5—Pastry Lessons from the Pastry Chef from Spago and Chinois

Pastry class

Learn how to make gorgeous pastries and tarts from Wendy Blasdel who was first and foremost a Pastry chef and who worked in some of LA’s best know restaurants as well as a year of working in Paris. Learn the tricks of pastries from a basic dough recipe to many types of quick fillings, such as brown butter, vanilla custard, and chocolate caramel walnut tart.

We will choose two to three of the following desserts:

  1. Tarte Tatin—Upside-down apple cake cooked in caramelized sugar and turned upside down onto Puff pastry. We may use pears or Peaches depending on the season's best
  2. Raspberry clafoutis tart—A rum laced baked custard tart filled with raspberries and currants
  3. Chocolate, caramel walnut torte—A sinful combination of these three ingredients, cooked, placed in a pastry shell and then smothered with a dark chocolate ganache
  4. Incredibly rich no fault Ginger Crème Brulee—As it sounds
  5. Summer Fruit Torte—Open Fruit Tart with kirsch flavored whipped cream and a stunning array of sliced summer fruits—Colorful and delicious
Price: $65.00