NEW CLASS SERIES! Learn how to make delicious French pastry like a pro. As easy as un deux trois.

Part 1 – Tart Dough, Brown Butter Filling, Lemon Curd, Fruit Tarts and Sauces

In this first pastry class you will learn how to prepare and style beautiful and delicious desserts such as these. We will prepare sweet and savory dough, basic pastry fillings for fruit tarts, Italian baked ricotta tarts, lemon curd, crème brûlée and sauces that accompany the desserts.

Part 2 – CHOCOLATE! Soufflés, Chocolate Mousse, Ganache, Truffles and More…

Learn how to make the beautiful and luscious chocolate desserts you see in French pastry cases. Everything from the glossy chocolate coverings for cakes to simple truffles that take no time at all, but look like you've spent all day. Look like a pro over and over again.

Part 3 – Cakes, Éclairs, Puff Pastry, Pot Au Crème, Crème Brûllée

Basically this class is all about your choice. If you have taken one of the preceding classes, you will know exactly what you would like to learn about. We will cover Genoise cake layers, pate a choux (éclair batter) crème brûlée and more. Learn how to use the different fondants, icings, chocolate ganache and simple decorations that will enhance the beauty of your desserts.

Choose which class tantalizes you the most and sign up! Classes are limited to 14 students and cost $75-$85 per class depending on the menu.